Welcome to the Restaurant “Marina Grande”

The restaurant “Marina Grande” began life as
a seaside bar in 1918 and then moved to its current location on Spiaggia Grande in 1935.

Towards the end of the fifties, it evolved into a restaurant overlooking
the wonderful expanse of water enclosing the historical centre of Amalfi.
Waves break just near the covered terrace, which you can gaze at while you taste the best of our local cuisine.

The restaurant idea starts from a global vision.
We will attempt to create an extraordinary place where one detail is as important as all others.
In the end, a great meal is not only about food and wine...
It’s an emotional experience
which comes from staff who care about the place as they do about their home, caring for you as their most important guest,
exploring a cuisine that starts from the tradition of the terroir from the roots and finding the strength in the simplicity.
A narration of ingredients and recipes of the country, while respecting the tradition and the gatronomic heritage,
therefore innovating with a new and exciting vision. Culminating with an attentive selection of ingredients,
we are convinced that the best food is only that which is farmed with an ecological vision with love and respect for the land.
A great meal is not only one that you fills up.
A great meal is a kind of journey that returns you to sources of pleasure
you may have forgotten and takes you to places you haven’t been before.