Enchanting Tours and excursions to the Amalfi Coast and the extraordinary itineraries of Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast tour, excursionsand itineraries in the beautiful Amalfi, will take you to the discovery of a territory rich in history, tradition, with a unique gastronomy richness and beautiful beaches just a short walk from the historic center. The Marina Grande beach is located in a place rich in history, where once moored the extraordinary vessels of the Amalfi Republic fleet. Restaurant Marina Grande is located in the center of Amalfi, easy totake tours and excursions through the Amalfi Coast. This is a place of incomparable natural beauty, full of history and tradition framed with modern comforts, where to spend a vacation in relaxation and in the same breath experience rich emotions.
Amalfi opens to visitors’ eyes like a grand Christmas nativity decorated in plants, orangeries and olive-groves,in a blooming and decadent garden. Amalfi’s foundation was originated by the Romans (the city’s coat of arms bears the inscription Descendit ex patribusromanorum). It’s not surprising that the Amalfi Coast has, since the 1st century of the Roman Empire, been the site of a variety of Roman villas, originally built as vacation resorts for patrician senatorial representatives and equestrians. The most representative monument is the Duomo, built in the ninth century, when the Marine Republic was cominginto its own as a commercial trading power.


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